Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homemade Daddy's Day

by Holly

This past weekend was crazy!  We had 3 parties at our house over 4 days, with the final one being our "Daddy's Day" celebration.  Unfortunately, Big Man was sick with a fever (where it came from, I'll never know and, luckily, it left as quickly as it came) so our plans were a bit altered.  Ideally, my husband would have loved to spend the day hiking, swimming, or anything outdoors.  The weather was beautiful and we were ready... until Big Man started acting all weird and loopy.  We took his temperature (101.3) and then spent Saturday night in and out of sleep since he moved into our room and "slept" on the floor.
Despite our sleep deprivation, our family came over after church (needless to say, I stayed home with the boys) and we had a nice time being together and eating tri-tip sandwiches (yum!).
This year, I really wanted the kids to give their dad something that they could make.  He will have a new office pretty soon, since our church is looking for a new building, so I thought that a plaque or frame that he could put in his new office would be nice.  I found a great wood frame at Michael's that I stained, and then Big Man could stencil something on the bottom.  I took a picture of all the boys at the beach the other day, which was the perfect picture to put in the frame.  Here is how it turned out...
Poor Big Man, trying his best to look chipper.  In case you can't tell... the frame says "Behind every good kid is a great dad".  Big man was so proud that he did the letters (I cut out a stencil for him to use with my cricut).

I also got into the homemade act.  At Easter, I made the boys neck ties out of some great, golden yellow, vintage inspired fabric.  Well, as soon as I made the boys' ties my husband began asking where his was.  Unfortunately, I had run out of fabric and when I went back to get more, it was gone.  Bummer! 
But, happy day!  Last week they got more in stock and I knew that making him his tie for Father's Day would be perfect.
So, while the day didn't exactly go as we had expected, it was a special day as we celebrated a great Daddy!!!
Those boys love their daddy.  (I think he's pretty great too!)  Hope you had a great day as well, celebrating the dad's in your lives.  Happy Tuesday!  Oh, and we have added some new items to our etsy shop if you want to take a look.


Christy said...

super cute, good idea!! but I'd like to see closer pictures, so I can totally copy you next year. :)

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

I'll get right on that! The fam is still a little camera shy, especially since they now know they will likely end up on the blog. But the tie and frame don't seem to care. :)