Thursday, June 23, 2011

Momma's got a brand new bag!

by Holly

Just in case you're wondering... no, I haven't taken over the whole blogging thing.  Mollie is on baby watch (today is her due date) and we are waiting....................  So, I am just looking forward to adding stuff on here a couple times a week until the baby comes and Mollie gets some recovery time and rest.  Wait, maybe I am taking over :(

Anyway, one of my bestest friends in the world gave me the new Amy Butler book, "Style Stitches" for my birthday.  Of course that was 6 months ago, but I really wanted to make one of her bags.  It has a lot of structure to it, and I was a bit intimidated at first.  But, I was able to take my time with it last weekend and now... Momma's got a brand new bag!
Of course my family's first response was, "You made yourself ANOTHER bag?"  But I can't help myself!  I have stuck with a sling style bag for a while now, which was great for carrying sippy cups, snacks, wipes, etc.  But now it is time to move on.  This bag is just for me.  It has some great divider pockets inside and, sorry kids, no room for your cars, food, or even rocks (they have many collections).
I made it out of outdoor, canvas fabric so it is sturdy and wipes clean.  WooHoo!  Can you sense my excitement?  I love taking this baby out!
If you're up for a project, her book has some fun stuff and they range from beginner to expert so you can learn and grow along the way.
And now that play time is over, it is back to getting ready for the next Queen Bee Market coming up in August.  Hope you all are enjoying your summers!  Happy Thursday!