Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now it feels like summer...

by Holly

Been taking a break lately from sewing, crafting, basically anything productive (Sorry Geoff, I promise I'll get to the laundry someday.  We really only need our swimsuits anyway, right?)

I'm experiencing summer... to the fullest.

I'm trying to take more risks with my boys (sometimes having 3 boys and just me on our outings is a bit intimidating).

Risk #1... take them to the beach by myself.

I can check it off my list (insert hollas here).  I am not necessarily a fan of the beach anyway.  I grew up around lakes and rivers; CALM lakes and rivers.  Two out of three of my boys are not the best swimmers either, but can be quite daring.

A couple of summers ago I took them to the beach with a friend of mine.  Big man was in the water, middle man was just jumping in the waves, and little man was sitting happily at the waters edge, eating sand.  All of a sudden, a large wave came and washed up on shore.  All I could do was grab little man as the wave overtook him and hope that middle man and big man were o.k.  I honestly felt like I could only grab one of them.  Luckily, and many thanks to THE Big Man for watching over us, middle man had seen the wave coming and was able to run away in time and big man was able to swim through it.
Needless to say, that freaked me out and made me a controlling beach mom who won't let her kids near the water (at least when it's just me with them).  Crazy, I know.

Well, they are older now and I think I have calmed down a bit.  I hope I have calmed down a bit.

I took the plunge, so to speak...
If only I could bottle their giggles.
If only every day could be this peaceful.
(If only he wasn't so shy, we could pay for his college tuition with modeling gigs.  I know, I know, every mom thinks that.  But he's gorgeous, just like his dad.)

We had a great morning!  And I look forward to more beach days just like this one!  Here's to being daring...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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