Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Extravaganza!

by Holly

Hey Everyone!  Hope you're holiday weekend was fantastic.  Here's a short recap of what we did...

Since we aren't usually in town for the holiday, this year we were able to participate in our communities 4th of July parade and picnic.  I love that it FEELS like we live in a small town.  We had some friends over and all the kids decorated their bikes and then we all braved the heat and insane humidity (I know it's worse in Georgia and places like that, but it felt insane to me) for the sake of the children...
(Can you see the little mustaches we taped to the front of their bikes?  So fun!)

They got to ride their bikes along a short stretch of road within our community and the parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc all lined the sidewalk and cheered them on.  They all had a great time and there were so many kids.  I think that many families opted for staycations this year. 
Here's little man pedaling along.

After the parade, they had games for the kids and food for everyone.  It was great!
Potato sack race anyone?

After afternoon naps, we weren't sure what to do.  Last minute we decided to brave the traffic and all the people and head downtown for the Big Bay Boom.  In San Diego, they have four barges that they load with fireworks and set out in the water for an amazing choreographed spectacular.  I brought some white chocolate dipped strawberry treats that I made (little man ate most of them due to the high sugar content) and we snuggled in for the show.
Wrapped up with little man in my grandma's quilt.  My favorite part.
The view from where we sat.  We were across the street from the bay, looking towards the San Diego Airport.  Perfect!  It was such a great evening.  I am so blessed to be able to live where I live and share life with such great friends and family.  Hope you all enjoyed your 4th as well.
Coming up tomorrow, I am posting my favorite summer dessert recipe.  If I could keep this constantly stocked in my freezer for all the hot weather, I would.  But, I tend to eat it all the time if it's there so I've had to restrain myself.  Stay tuned!
Happy Wednesday!

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