Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

by Mollie...

    So excited to be back into WIWW.  With summer time here I have been slipping in actually getting dressed...

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Dress, tank, belt: Target
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Necklace: Amy Cornwell (it says Zoie & Pennie)
Shoes: DSW outlet

** Note...  I didn't actually end up wearing the shoes with the dress.  It just didn't look "right" 

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Believe it or not this whole outfit is from Costco.  

I'm really not sure why but I always feel a little embarrassed buying clothes for me from there.  I always scope out the clothes by walking by on the perimeter then if I see something I like I grab it as I whisk by.

 It's silly...

It's my thing... 

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