Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plastic Bottle Makeover

Hello All!  First and foremost...welcome to the new site! Glad you could make it!  So we are invited over to my husband's grandparents for dinner tomorrow night.  I asked if we could bring anything and they politely said no. Now being the good little guest that I was taught to be (thanks to big sister, Sara) I know not to show up empty handed.  I decided to make something myself as a little gesture of gratitude for what I'm sure is going to be a delicious meal!  I was inspired by this craft off of Remodelaholic's site and adapted it for my own supplies. Thanks for the inspiration!

So I took this:

And turned it into this:

Here is How:

Supplies needed:
  1.  Empty plastic bottle of your choice
  2.  Puffy Paint (any color but the lighter the better)
  3.  Dry Erase Marker
  4.  Paper Towels
  5.  Spray Paint (any color you choose - I used a white flat because that is what I had)
  6.  Decorative ribbon (match or contrast your paint color) 

   1.  Clean out (thanks hubby!) the jar and wash well. Peel off any remaining stickers and gooey stuff.  Make sure it is REALLY dry.

  2.  Using your dry erase marker (because it wipes off) draw a design on the bottle... anything you like.  I did 3 simple flowers.

 3.  Using your puffy paint trace over your design with dots. Lots and lots of dots. The more dots the better.  Make sure it is VERY dry before you mess with it again. (this was the step I liked because right Z woke up from her nap and I couldn't continue anyways!)
 You can kind of see the design close up. 

 4.  Once it is dry wipe away any excess dry erase marker carefully.  I skipped this step and in the sunlight you can see the lines behind the paint) boo. 

5.  Then spray away! I have a little "studio" in my garage that I sprayed the heck out of this guy.  I did several coats allowing it to dry inbetween. 

6.  Once dry decorate with ribbon and fill with festive flowers, branches, candy sticks, remote controls...whatever your heart desires! 

I personally think its the responsible thing to do... recycle a bottle into something beautiful! 
(p.s. I will fill it with real flowers, for the sake of the photo I stole some artificial from my house. )

Well...That's it! 

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Tammy said...

Great idea!, Thank you for sharing. I am always trying to do different things,I planted plants in large white feta cheese containers but I didn't take labels of or decorate my DH is having a fit because he says when people come it looks bad. it still isn't to late just not as easy to do with the plant in it.
Thanks again
Tammy in Egypt